Frank's Bratwurst

 "Servin' the wurst since 1970..."



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      In 1962, the Ratschki family arrive in The United States of American from a small village near Austria. Immediately Franz and Johanna Ratschki settled in Cleveland and sought out any means of work necessary to be able to support themselves and their two youngest daughters, Ilse and Romi. Working many hours doing labor intensive factory work, Franz, better known as Frank, knew that he would have to somehow have to develop an idea where he could make enough money to be able to afford the American lifestyle. His older daughter, Elfi, informed him of this hot spot in downtown Cleveland better known as the West Side Market. Looking further into the market, Frank and his family decided it would be a wise decision to bring some German-style dining to the city.
    On October 31, 1970 Franks Bratwurst began the sales of their sausage. At the time of opening Frank's Bratwurst stand, located at stand G-3, used to sell the sausage without a bun just chopped up on a plate with a side of sauerkraut. At the time the price was $.45 for a plain bratwurst and $.55 for a brat with kraut. As the sales increased and popularity began to rise, it was suggested to Frank and his family that the bratwurst should be made into a sandwich. In doing so Frank's became a growing trend within the area and a hot spot for many families to come and enjoy a quick, easy, delicious sandwich!
        Over 40 years and three generations later, Frank's Bratwurst is still serving the juicy and taste bud pleasing Bratwurst sandwiches! Whichever your preference may be, there truly is no wrong way to order or eat a world famous Frank's Bratwurst sandwich! Not only has there been three generations of Frank's family working the stand but many patrons make it a family tradition to come eat at Frank's and pass this tradition on to their family members as well! Come down and make Frank's a part of your life and family history!
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